How to Keep Snakes Out and Away from Your Property

Snakes are not typically adored by many, and you probably have no desire to see them near or in your home. However, during the spring and summer, many aspects of your home can attract snakes. To keep snakes out and away from your property, check out these snake prevention tips.

Do Not Feed Birds from April to October

Setting out bird feeders and watching birds around your home can be an enjoyable activity. However, birds also attract snakes. In order to keep snakes out of your yard and away from your home, it is best to limit bird feeding during the spring and summer months, typically from April to October.

Keep Your Lawn Mown Short

Snakes are not likely to stay or move through short grass. They prefer long, crowded grass to avoid being spotted by their predators. Hawks and owls feed on snakes, and they will easily spot them through short grass. Keeping the lawn mown short will help keep snakes away from your home.

Keep Areas Around the House Free of Wood Piles

Snakes prefer damp and dark places, common in holes, cracks, and crevices. They also love to hide in wood piles. Eliminating wood piles will deny them residence near your property. Consider storing your wood in sealed, lockable containers. It is also a good idea to avoid any piles of leaves, wood chip mulch, and straw mulch.

Install Critter Guard’s Wildlife Control Products

Critter Guard’s BirdBloc, Line Guard, and Pole Guard products are excellent for homeowners to keep animals away, including snakes. These products help prevent birds and rodents from taking up residence in and around your home, therefore limiting a snake’s food source and reducing its attraction to your home.

If you are worried about snakes accessing your home or coming near your property, our products at Critter Guard can help put your fears to rest. To learn more about our wildlife control solutions and how they can keep snakes out and away from your home, contact us today!