How to Keep Your Attic Snake Free

The last thing any homeowner wants is a snake in their attic. Unfortunately, snakes are great at slithering their way up and into small spaces when a food source is near. Fortunately, Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard products are designed to help prevent snakes and other critters from accessing your roof and making their way into your attic.

Why Do Snakes Access Attics?

Snakes are excellent climbers that can slither up trees and utility poles to reach your roof and access your attic space. They can also slide across power lines to get on to the roof of your home. Typically, snakes follow their noses to attics when a food source is available and that food source is usually rodents or bird eggs from nests in soffits and other corners. When they find a reliable food source like eggs, or squirrels, rats, or mice living in your attic space, snakes will set up camp and stay for as long as their food is available.

What are the Dangers of Snakes Living in Your Attic?

There are several reasons why having snakes in your attic can pose a problem. First and foremost, venomous snakes can harm humans and pets. Although snakes found in attics are typically non-venomous rat snakes, they are not the only type of snake that can venture into your attic.

Having snakes in your attic can also point to a greater pest problem. Without a food source, there would be no snakes, so the likelihood of rats or other rodents taking up residence in your attic is high. Once in your attic, these critters can wreak havoc, damaging wood, wires, and insulation, potentially costing you expensive repairs.

How Critter Guard Can Help

At Critter Guard, we make it our mission to humanely prevent small animals from accessing places like your attic space. With our award-winning Pole Guard and Line Guard systems in place, your pest problems can be solved. These products create barriers along poles, trees, and power lines to prevent rodents, and eventually snakes, from accessing your roof and attic.

For more information on how to keep snakes and other critters out of your attic, or to learn more about our humane wildlife control products, contact us today!