How to Prevent Spider Monkey Electrocutions and Power Outages

Wildlife is paying a hefty price for the increasing population and the need for land. We are slowly encroaching on forests and limiting the resources available to the wildlife. One such species is the spider monkey, whose numbers have been dwindling over the years. Today, most spider monkey species are endangered and others, critically endangered. Fortunately, our humane wildlife control products at Critter Guard can help keep these monkeys safe.

Spider Monkeys and Power Lines

Human and wildlife conflict has been on the rise, especially in areas where the jungle or animal parks intersect with urban areas. For spider monkeys, urbanization means they have to travel through power lines in their habitats while looking for food and safe places to rest, sometimes resulting in serious injuries and death.

Statistics released by Wild Sun Rescue Center show that from August 2018 to January 2019, 52% of the rescued 48 monkeys were electrocution cases. 76% of these monkeys later died. Unfortunately, mature monkeys are the most vulnerable. In a population where every member of the species counts, it's unfortunate to lose even one to avoidable and preventable circumstances.

How Critter Guard Can Protect Spider Monkeys from Electrocutions and Prevent Power Outages

In order to protect spider monkeys from dangerous electrical systems while still protecting these electrical systems and preventing power outages, installing humane wildlife control products is essential.

At Critter Guard, our Line Guard and Pole Guard products are the perfect solution to saving spider monkeys from electrocution while keeping the power on.

Our range of humane wildlife control products prevents animals from gaining access to power lines, utility poles, transformers, and substations. The products comprising of guard wheels and rollers are easy to install and remove during maintenance.

To learn more about how to keep spider monkeys and other wildlife protected, or for more information about our Line Guard and Pole Guard products and how they can protect your power, contact us today!