How to Save Energy This Fall

The advent of cooler weather brings many wonderful things, including beautiful outdoor views. However, the fall months can also cause homeowners to stress over high energy bills. If you want to keep your home energy-efficient in the fall and into the winter, consider these following energy saving tips.

Check Heating Systems

One of the best ways to safeguard your energy usage is to check your heating system. Your HVAC unit can easily burn excess energy if it isn't running at peak performance. You can check out the system on your own to see if anything seems off, but it's best to contact your HVAC contractor for a thorough inspection.

Replace Damaged Insulation

Many homeowners have damaged or worn insulation in their homes and don't even know about it. Damaged insulation can cause drafts, cold floors or walls, and lead to skyrocketing energy bills as your heating system struggles to keep up. If you have damaged insulation, replace it as soon as possible and check for signs of wildlife infestation. Wild animals who invade your home often target insulation to make their nests.

Adjust Your Thermostat Regularly

The temperature fluctuates throughout the day, usually getting warmer in the afternoon before dipping into colder temperatures at night. Pay attention to your thermostat on a regular basis and adjust it so that the temperature is comfortable but not too warm. By maintaining a consistent temperature in your home, you'll save energy and keep your bill manageable.

Keep Your Home Running Efficiently with Critter Guard

If you're struggling with excess energy consumption in your home, the answer might well be wildlife infestation. Critter Guard's effective, humane, wildlife control products can help prevent animals from accessing your roof and damaging your home. If pests are invading your home this fall, contact Critter Guard to learn more about our line of pest control products.