utility power pole at sunset

When utility poles get old or damaged, they need to be replaced to ensure that you have continual access to electricity, Internet, and phone. Have you ever wondered how the power companies replace the poles, but still manage how to keep your electricity on?

There are a few different reasons that utility poles must be replaced. Sometimes it's due to damage from extreme weather like hurricanes or tornadoes. Damage to poles (and electric lines) could even come from squirrels and other critters climbing, clawing, and chewing on equipment. Other times, it's just that they're so old that strength and stability are compromised. Whatever the reason, here is how they replace utility poles:

A hole is dug about 15% of the pole's length. This ensures the pole will be sturdy enough to last through strong storms and winds. The new pole is fitted with cross arms, bolts, insulators (for the wires to attach), ground wires, and arm braces. The wires are then detached from the old utility pole using special safety equipment to keep the linemen safe from electric shock.

Once that is done, the new pole in placed in the new hole, and the excess hole area is stamped full of dirt to make sure the pole is static and stable. The wires are then attached to the new pole by fitting them into the new insulators and held down by clamps or tie wires. The new pole is all set!

All that is left to do is remove the equipment and cross arms from the old pole and remove the old utility pole entirely. The old hole is then filled in, and you are all set to enjoy your phone, electricity, and Internet.

Utility poles can be costly to replace if they are damaged often. If you have any questions on how to protect your utility poles and electrical lines from more frequent damage, like that from rodents and other animals running amok, contact us today! We have all the equipment you need to protect your poles and wires by blocking squirrels, birds, and other creatures who could destroy your electric access. We have professionals ready to get you set up with the best equipment to put your mind at ease with the safety of your utilities.