utility worker repairing power line

Repairing damaged power lines can be a dangerous job. Although the repairs utility workers make are essential, many types of damage are preventable. Taking steps to keep your neighborhood squirrels, snakes, and other critters from damaging your power lines in the first place is safer and more efficient than having them repaired.

Safety Concerns of Utility Workers

Utility workers face a variety of hazards each time they work on a project.

  • Electrocution is a major concern of utility workers, as safety equipment can fail and mistakes can be made.
  • Falling from high work areas can also occur.
  • Strangulation can also be a hazard if clothing gets caught on the line, pole, or equipment after a fall.

Although proper safety equipment and training prevent most utility accidents, reducing the number of repairs that need to be made in the first place is just as important.

Critter Guard Improves the Safety of Utility Workers

Although most power lines will need to be maintained from time to time, preventing damage before it happens reduces the number of potentially dangerous situations that utility workers must face. Many utility issues are the result of animals sitting on, hanging from, chewing, or crossing power lines, and Critter Guard's Line Guard and Pole Guard systems work to keep squirrels, snakes, and other critters off your power lines to proactively prevent many repairs from being needed.

The Pole Guard is placed around utility poles to keep critters from climbing poles to access power lines. The Line Guard aims to prevent squirrels, chipmunks, snakes, and other critters from climbing, jumping, or slithering directly onto power lines from treetops, buildings, and other high areas. Both products reduce the inconvenience of homes or businesses losing power, as well as the number of risky repairs that need to be made.

At Critter Guard, we prioritize taking proactive steps to help home and business owners avoid preventable damage to their power systems. Contact us today to learn more about how our products can benefit you and protect your local utility workers!