candlelight during power outage

Every year, thousands of businesses experience power outages. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, 70% of businesses will experience a power outage in the next year. Power outages hinder operations and can be a serious financial burden. Due to the frequency of power outages, it is important businesses have proper procedures in place for the event of a power outage. Check out this general guideline to have ready in case your business experiences a power outage.

Have a Plan in Place (and a Backup Generator)

The best way to keep your business running smoothly when facing a power outage is to have a backup generator. Likewise, you should have a contingency plan in place in a state of emergency. There is a useful power outage checklist you can follow in the wake of a power outage. It is also important to train your employees on how to react and what the contingency protocol is when there is an outage.

Have an Emergency Kit Ready

Having an emergency kit available at your business is essential. An emergency kit ensures the safety of your employees and can help make operations run smoother when there is an outage. Every emergency kit should have at least the following:

  • First-aid supplies
  • Food and water
  • Portable radio
  • Flashlight/lanterns and flares
  • Extra batteries and power banks

Take Preventative Measures

What most businesses do not know is that squirrels and other wildlife are one of the leading causes of power outages in the United States. Rodents are quite effective at chewing through wiring and causing electrical damage, which is why ensuring your business is protected from squirrels and other small rodents is a must.

Here at Critter Guard, it is our mission to protect your power lines from rodents and other wildlife. Our Line Guard and Pole Guard products are designed to hinder critters’ access to power lines and other electrical equipment, preventing costly power outages. To learn more about how our products can ensure the protection of your electrical lines, contact us today.