Keep These 5 Aggressive Birds Off of Your Property

Birds are big pests that can disrupt both residential and commercial properties. They can build noisy nests, damage the property, be aggressive towards occupants and visitors, and cause a mess. Keep reading to discover five aggressive birds and how to keep them off your property.

1. European Starlings

Starlings are aggressive and noisy. They damage crops, pick and slash at produce in residential gardens, and frequently nest in ductwork and gutters. Their feces are also incredibly dangerous as a source of bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Because of their aggressive, competitive nature, they can also scare off pollinators, native birds, and songbirds.

2. Gulls

Gulls of all species can be aggressive pests, and they don't just live around the coast. Gulls are very competitive when it comes to establishing nests, and they will attack birds, animals, and even people that they perceive as a threat. Gulls also steal food from backyards, gardens, and parks—and once they find a food source, they can be very hard to dislodge.

3. Canada Geese

Canada geese are large birds, reaching up to 45 inches long and even growing a wingspan of up to 75 inches. Even though they are common in green areas, they are simultaneously considered dangerous pests. These geese will chase and hiss at people, generate large amounts of droppings that are full of hazardous contaminants, and congregate in large numbers. Because they're protected under the law, it's important to be proactive about keeping them away from your home.

4. American Crows

American crows are very noisy, and they cause property damage, ranging from eating plants to scraping up roofs and turf. They also disrupt native bird populations and spread disease through their droppings.

5. Red-Winged Blackbird

Red-winged blackbirds might be a pleasant sight at first, but they can quickly become an overwhelming pest. They are very territorial, and once they have nests, they're willing to attack people and pets who get too close.

Keep Aggressive Birds Away with BirdBloc

The best defense against nesting and aggressive birds is to deter them from your property from the very start. Critter Guard supplies homeowners, business property owners, and property management teams with BirdBloc. This deterrent can hang from rafters or other structures to keep pest birds away. To learn more about our BirdBloc solution, contact us today!