extremely dimly lit lightbulb

A blackout can happen when least expected. Power outages are frequent and aren't just a byproduct of storms. Critters, especially squirrels, are a major cause. We created our Line Guard and Pole Guard product systems as a humane solution to this common problem: great for homeowners, business owners, and power companies alike.

In today’s time, we’ll almost inevitably need to use electricity, even in a power outage. Therefore, it is essential to conserve how much power you use until full system functionality returns. During events beyond your control, energy conservation is critical, as it may not be clear how long you will be without power. It's very important to prioritize keeping yourself, your family, and your food supply safe. Here is a brief checklist of actions you can take to save energy during a blackout:

  • Flashlights should be used in place of candles, which can catch fire. When using flashlights, turn them on sparingly, and always keep spare batteries on hand.
  • Keep your refrigerator door closed securely as much as possible. Use any food that's left out within 2 hours, or else be safer than sorry and throw it out.
  • For temperature control, conserve body heat by wearing warm clothes and keeping blankets on hand during colder seasons. In hot conditions, use alternatives to cool down, like dressing light and drinking cold beverages if possible.
  • Limit travel by car. During outages, roads are frequently congested and the traffic signals will likely be out.
  • Limit use of your portable electronics as much as possible. Unplug any other appliances not in use, like stoves, to avoid a surge or spike when the power does come on again. It's a good idea to leave one light on, which will alert you when power returns.
  • Prepare before the fact by creating a plan. Communicate with members of your family, your neighborhood, and your community. Keep an emergency checklist handy.

Blackouts can range from a mild inconvenience to the cause of major damage. A primary source for these outages are critters, a problem that's highly preventable. Our Line Guard and Pole Guard systems offer protection to power substations and electrical lines by humanely keeping critters at bay. Think of these systems as your insurance policy against blackouts. To learn more about Critter Guard and protecting your utilities, contact us today.