Some people think they're cute.  Others, like my wife, think they're rats with cuter outfits!

Either way, these little critters can do some damage if given the chance.  One business owner incurred over $300,000 in damage to commercial HVAC installation when squirrels chewed the wiring and caused massive electrical problems.  Many homeowners have found out the hard way that their insurance does not cover damage from rodents or other nesting "critters".

The US Dept of Energy preducts that Electrical Utilities suffer more than $8 BILLION per year in downtime at substations related to animal intrusions.

They play a lot of roles -- acrobat, bandit, gardener, joker, etc.  But none of these belong on your roof, in your soffets, in your attic, or in your substation!

Did you know a squirrel MUST keep gnawing on something every day to keep his teeth from growing?  A squirrel's teeth will grow several inches long if they don't chew.  They'll use twigs, branches, nuts, SHINGLES, WIRE INSULATION, and anything else that will help them wear down their teeth. 

That's just a few of the reasons why Critter Guard's products are so popular.  Whether you love 'em or hate 'em, Critter Guard PREVENTS squirrels from getting access to your house (either on the overhead lines or climbing the power poles).  There are no traps or dangerous chemicals or poisons.  The squirrel just gets frustrated and moves on.

If you've got a story to tell about your success with Critter Guard, feel free to pass them along!