home insulation

In an ideal world, humans could live harmoniously in perfect, climate-controlled homes without any cost; unfortunately, we are far from that, so home insulation and air sealing is a must. Also unfortunately, squirrels, rodents, and other critters find their way into your home and destroy your home insulation efforts, costing homeowners small fortunes and unnecessary stresses. It’s best and easiest to keep them out and away from your home. Fortunately, critters can be kept at bay with Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard, so you can keep your home and insulation safe, secure, and running in top-notch shape.

What is insulation?

Insulation is a fiberglass or foam padding within the walls and attic of a building. It keeps your home temperate from the elements outside. During the cold seasons, insulation is the main contributing factor to how much your heater must run to maintain the comfortable temperatures in your home. If your insulation disintegrates or becomes damaged, eaten, or clawed through by rodents or pests, then over time your home won't be able to effectively maintain temperatures, forcing your furnace to run longer and increasing your utility bill.

Why is insulation important in the summer?

Although insulation traps the warm air in your home in the winter, but it works the same way in the summer by keeping the heat outside, and trapping cold air indoors. If the insulation is damaged, then cold air can also leak out of the home, triggering your air conditioner to run more in the summer.

How do I maintain my insulation to prevent damage?

Wildlife, surprisingly, poses a major threat to insulation when they traverse power lines and poles and get into your home. Preventing pests and rodents from entering is the best way to maintain your insulation over the years. Make sure to protect every possible entry way, from cracks in the walls, roof, and especially guarding the electrical lines leading into your home.

At Critter Guard, we provide innovative and humane wildlife control products for homeowners and utility companies. Animal havoc problems are pervasive to communication lines, electric power, switches, and transformers and are expensive to resolve. For more information on protecting your home and important, air-sealing insulation from critters, contact us today!