woman on road looking at utility poles and power lines

We often walk down sidewalks and drive down streets without giving utility poles much attention. They are part of our everyday lives, but rarely do we actively interact with them. Utility poles hold important electrical equipment, and it's critical to protect them from meddling squirrels and rodents who might do some damage. Poles are created carefully and installed with precision to hold the critical electrical components. It's a detailed process that could get costly if incessant critter damage occurs.

How Utility Poles are Made

While almost all poles are made from some sort of pine or fir, most of the utility poles that are made in the United States are made from Southern Yellow Pine. Foresters comb through forests to find the perfect trees: between 10 and 20 inches in diameter; at least 30 feet tall; straight, healthy trunks; and with few limbs. The trees that have all the requirements are marked with spray paint to be cut.

After being cut down, they are transported to a mill. They are cut into specific lengths, debarked, and sorted according to width and length. Then they are placed in a kiln to "cook" at 200 degrees for 3 days until they're dry.

After they dry, a flat surface is cut on one side of the top of the pole for the cross arm to attach. The utility poles are then put into a cylinder where the millers will pump all the air out, then pump in a mixture of 98% water and 2% preservatives (chrome, copper, and arsenic). This helps the pole be mold, decay, and termite resistant. After the preservation process is complete, a sample is taken of each pole to assure that the correct amount of preservatives has seeped into the utility pole. These poles are now ready to go and should last between 45 and 60 years.

Once these poles are up and in use, you want to make sure you protect them. This is where Critter Guard comes in! We have experts ready and waiting to make sure your electric wires and components are safe from harmful animals that can destroy your property and interrupt your internet, phone, or electricity usage. Contact us with any questions, and we will be there to help protect and secure your electrical wires and utility poles.