squirrel on power line

Rodents on the Grid

In the heart of the city, on your hike in the woods, or in your very own backyard, squirrels are seemingly ubiquitous. These small critters are well-adapted to numerous locales across the country and the world. Did you know they are also the cause of a whopping 10-20% of power outages annually? Critter Guard offers humane protection from these 100% preventable events.

Some common types of squirrels, especially in Connecticut and the Northeastern United States, include:

Other types of rodents in the region include chipmunks, rats, mice, and more.

Squirrels and rodents are famous for their prolific breeding habits, with squirrels producing between 2-7 offspring on an annual basis. With a lifespan of 1-5 years, the numbers add up quickly.

How Do Critters Pose a Threat to My Power Supply?

These tree-dwelling critters are natural climbers, and well-accustomed to being at a vertical vantage point. They are climbing specialists in finding food and evading predators. But you do not want them climbing up and chewing on your utility poles and electric lines, which sustain and support the power flow into your home or place of business.

That's where Critter Guard comes in. We produce the ideal preventative, humane solution to this very real problem. They may be cute, but squirrels can be a nuisance. They also pose a serious danger to your power supply if you lack the proper protection. Little critters' teeth and claws can damage the wires, the cables, and the pole structure itself. At Critter Guard, we've developed our Line Guard and Pole Guard systems to not only protect your valuable power supply, but also the animals' livelihood. It's well-known that all creatures, small ones especially, are vital to our ecosystem a whole. Our systems do not hurt the critters in any way. 

Preventative Measures

Critter activity around power lines causes outage rates numbering well into the several hundreds per U.S. state each year. This can affect up to 13,000 people and cost millions per incident from one rodent. You can think of Critter Guard as your insurance against these completely preventable events. For more information and the solution to protecting your power supply, contact us today!