woman on smartphone

Smartphones are more powerful than ever, and they can be used in many situations, even when power fails due to critter-damaged electrical lines and equipment. Why not use your phone to ensure your safety during an outage? Here are a few kinds of apps to help you and your family manage in the dark.

Emergency alert app

A power outage might be a sign of a larger disaster. To stay updated, download an app that will alert you to further danger, like the Red Cross's variety of apps available from the App Store and from Google Play. The apps let you "monitor more than 35 different severe weather and emergency alerts." Likewise, the FEMA app (App Store and Google Play) offers alerts directly from the National Weather Service alongside safety reminders and a customizable emergency checklist.

First aid app

Since a power outage could send you stumbling around your home in darkness, it's best to have backup initial medical care. In addition to their Emergency app, the Red Cross First Aid app (App Store and Google Play) offers guides for the most common medical emergencies. For a more comprehensive guide, try Army First Aid (App Store only). It offers hundreds of pages of information straight from the Army first aid manual.

Flashlight app

Depending on your smartphone model, you may already have a built-in flashlight next to its cameras that can be used for a constant beam of light. If that's the case, be sure you know how to access it quickly. However, if your model doesn't have a flashlight app to control the light when not using the camera, there are plenty of apps for it. Apps like iHandy Inc. is available in the App Store, and Super-Bright LED Flashlight is available on Google Play.

App to guide you to shelters

Is the outage long-term? Is it unsafe to stay in your home? This is another strength of the previously mentioned FEMA app: in addition to emergency alerts, you can find open shelters for safety in your area. It also helps you reach your local FEMA representatives on the phone or in person to advance aid and support.

It's good to be prepared, but what if the emergency outages can be prevented? Critter Guard prevents a major cause of many power outages by warding off animals that damage power substations and power lines. Contact us today to learn more about how we protect utility companies and residents across the United States.