power pole and power lines

More and more pressure is put on utility companies as they continue to look for ways to upgrade their communities’ power grid system and improve efficiency. However, these methods usually require time, resources, and specific expertise. Utility companies seek the best options that quickly make a return on investment, while also being effective in the long term. Add these technologies to upgrade your utility systems to better serve your customers and be more efficient with your resource spending.


The direct current transmission lines (HVDC) offer a much lower loss of energy than the traditional alternating current transmission lines (HVAC). Using these lines will produce a return on investment, recovering costs in a few years. However, laying HVDC lines cannot be done cheaply. It usually requires millions or tens of millions of dollars. The utility may or may not have enough funds to endeavor on this kind of expenditure immediately, so properly budgeting to plan for implementing this can be a beneficial, long-term venture.

Smart Automated Detection

Placing additional, Internet-connected sensors along utility lines can detect issues early. These sensors are all online and coordinate with one another to allocate power to the locations where it is needed most. If a portion of the line goes down, the administrators are immediately notified, and they can take swift action. Responses to problems are quick, and emergency costs are reduced.

These additional technologies are worthwhile utility investments, but can be quite costly initially, so it is even more important to protect them from further damage from critters, rodents, and squirrels. One of the most effective ways to upgrade the grid is to install a Critter Guard system. Because squirrels and rodents cause so much damage to power lines, this is one of the most cost-effective ways of keeping the grid running smoothly with a low expenditure. Our Line Guard and Pole Guard products protect substations and power lines over time and keep maintenance costs much lower. It is eco-friendly and sustainable. Contact us today to learn more how we can help.