electrical utility poles and lines during sunrise

Power lines are everywhere; they span over roads, land, and homes. We are so used to seeing them that we often forget about them and can drop our guards around them. Power lines carry high voltage electricity and can be deadly. Always assume that utility lines are "live" – or energized – and keep far away from them. Be especially attentive after wind, ice, or heavy snow storms when wires may have fallen to the ground. Take proper precautions and remember these aspects of electric service lines to stay safe, even if lines are not directly overhead and obvious.

Ladders & Other Tools

Carefully look for overhead electrical lines when setting up ladders or using long tools. Keeping your distance of a minimum 10 feet is an ideal goal. Before you even begin to set up a ladder, double check for any power lines you may have initially not noticed. If you are trimming trees or using other equipment, make sure there are no lines running through the branches or over the top. Though it should be avoided, if you must use a ladder or long tools at night, always check with a flashlight. Don't merely use your judgment; your perception of distance will be hindered in the dark.

Antenna & Satellite Dish

If you are installing a satellite dish or antenna atop your home, make sure they are clear of power lines. Weather can knock over these pieces of equipment, so place them where there is no risk of falling onto or near electrical wires.

Downed Power Lines

Always assume any wire is live and dangerous. If you see a downed wire, call and alert emergency personnel. Warn others to stay away from the area. Never attempt to move a wire out of the way. If you are in your car and there are downed wires around or nearby, stay in the vehicle until emergency help arrives and can tell you it is safe to leave the vehicle. If the vehicle is in immediate danger, like on fire, and you must escape, avoid touching any metals, or the car and ground at the same time. Jump out and land on the ground with both feet. Hop on both feet to distance yourself from the scene. If you see any power lines that are hanging low or look like there is a problem, call your utility company right away.

Child Safety

Children love to climb things, but make sure your kids know never to climb on an electric tower or utility pole. They should never climb trees near power lines either. If they are playing with high-flying toys, like kites or balloons, keep them well away from any power lines. Contact with the lines could cause shock or catch on fire. Kites should always be made of paper, wood or fabric. Electrical equipment should never be played, climbed, or sat upon. Keep playground equipment away from utility poles or electrical equipment.

Although electricity is vital to modern day living, it is nothing to play with, and safety should always be the priority for your home and family. Follow these simple safety tips, and avoid electrical danger. Critter Guard’s products are an effective, squirrel- and rodent-preventing solution, but be sure to take proper precautions when installing them, and stay safe. Contact us for details and to see how we can help.