squirrel in snow

Thousands of homes lose electrical power every year due to squirrels, birds, and other small animals. Thousands more risk unwanted visitors to their homes due to roof access from existing service lines. While losing power on a warm day is mostly annoying for losing air conditioning, it is downright dangerous in cold weather from losing heat. Utility companies can face outages due to extreme weather in many forms and are generally ready for such phenomena, but a bird or small animal follows no predictable pattern for which the companies can prepare. When you frequently lose power or you have unwanted residents in your attic, though resolution and power restoration is imperative, it is smarter to prevent these problems from happening in the first place.

Surprisingly, squirrels are one of the main causes of power outages in many counties in the United States. Squirrels chew through lines and get into places they do not belong, often leaving hundreds or even thousands of homes without power. Squirrels, birds, and other small climbing animals often reach the top of utility lines and poles and dangerous transformers, which can explode and cause fire. This adds to the large penalties, fines, and downtime costs utility companies already face in power outages.

From our Line Guard and Pole Guard innovations, utility companies finally have a long-term solution to prevent the deaths of these animals and power outages. These guards have also proven to prevent squirrels from passing over them, keeping these fuzzy unwanted tenants from using service lines and power poles to access attics. 

Though simple and elegant in design, the heavy-duty guards are resistant to weather extremes. The ingenious design allows for installation without interruption of service and is not a hindrance to routine maintenance. Utility companies and homeowners should invest in these simple tools to protect the service wires and power poles lining the streets. Comparing to the costs of environmental fines, damaged equipment, major downtime costs, repairs, and even utility company reputation, these guards allow for peace of mind for all involved. Contact us for more information on how Line Guards and Pole Guards can help you.