power substation

Power substations are the backbone of a community’s power source. Without them, there would be no facilitator for energy, no voltage, no transmission, just no energy. Something so vital to our daily lives deserves the best, high quality equipment to keep it running smoothly by protecting it from damage from critters. How much equipment are we protecting? These are some important parts for a substation to run properly to feed your home and business power.

Even one substation is essential to electrical distribution, and a utility company will implement many substations to create their distribution network for their customers. Each substation has various components and parts with varying costs that make up an entire unit. These include the current transformer, potential transformer, conductors, insulators, isolators, bus bars, and more. Each part has a wide price range in cost, from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars, all dependent on the magnitude of the part (e.g. a potential transformer is a much larger, costlier part than smaller, energy-flow resistant insulators). Also, prices vary on quality and performance especially. After taking into account all parts for one substation, multiplying those costs by multiple substations, and considering the potential downtime in the event of a power failure, substations are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs to keep running, maintained, and in working order.

Critter Guard products are an affordable, smart investment to provide protection for these expensive, critical, electricity-distributing equipment. The investment in prevention and peace of mind to protect your substation from unwelcome critters is a no-brainer.

Substations contain a vast array of parts to be able to function. To keep these facilitators of energy properly operating and free from degradation, please contact us to learn how our Line Guards and Pole Guards prevent squirrels and other pesky animals from gaining access to these utility parts. We'll make sure your substation is critter and rodent free.