portable power generator

Power outages are never fun. Owning a generator is a great way to avoid discomfort and stress in power outages. Having a backup power source will keep your home at a comfortable temperature and prevent food in your refrigerator from spoiling. You won't have to fumble around in the dark with flashlights. If you have a home alarm or security system, a generator can keep it operating, so that you stay safe even during a blackout. If you have medical equipment, a generator is definitely critical. Be sure to maintain and care for your generator, so it will be available and in working condition in case emergency strikes.

Keep It Protected

Your generator needs to be protected from the elements and other risks of damage. For example, if it gets flooded during a storm, it will do you no good. Invest in a protective cover, and make sure it is stored in a safe and secure location.

Keep It Fueled

Generators are only as good as the fuel supply they have. Make sure that you have a sufficient supply of fuel for a decent amount of time. Always have it ready, and be prepared!

Conserve Energy

In case of an emergency or a blackout, you will want to keep your generator in running order for as long as possible, since it may take longer than expected for power to return. Therefore, do not use as much electricity as usual, like powering up your entire home. Use your generator minimally and only for what’s necessary to tide you over until power restores.

Keep It Maintained

If you do not use your generator for a long time, you need to power it up and make sure that it is still working. Conduct regular maintenance and tests on your generator to make sure it will work when you really need it.

Prevent Blackouts in the First Place

Take steps to prevent power outages in the first place. While some power outages are beyond our control, others can be prevented. For example, you could take precautionary measures for common power outages when squirrels or other rodents nibble at and damage power lines around your home or at nearby substations. Using our Line Guard and Pole Guard are great ways to protect utilities and you from unnecessary power outages and headaches. Contact us for more information on how our products serve as a great defensive mechanism, and you can keep your power generator safely stored away.