Prevent Active Critters from Disrupting Your Power This Spring Season

Prevent Active Critters from Disrupting Your Power This Spring Season

Spring marks the end of the harsh weather conditions experienced during winter. Moderate temperatures well define spring and most people start engaging in outdoor activities.

Most plants and animals that have been less active during winter also burst into life during the spring season. At this period, homeowners face a new challenge of controlling the highly active critters from accessing their houses and electrical systems. Discover how Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard products can help protect your home and power from critter interference this spring season.

How Do Critters Cause Power Disruption?

Critters such as squirrels, snakes, raccoons, opossums, and other rodents can easily find their way up utility poles and onto power lines where they can then access critical equipment such as substations, transformers, and pole-mounted switches. Any damage caused by the animals on these components can lead to power disruptions and outages. When traveling via power lines, one wrong step can cause the animal to be electrocuted, which can also lead to power outages.

During the spring, attics can serve as a perfect shelter for critters to escape rain, storms, and strong winds. Squirrels and other rodents find access to your attic through power lines, utility poles, or trees nearby. Once on your roof or in your attic, these creatures can chew through wires, insulation, and wood blocking their path. The damages can result in power outages and the destruction of your home.

How Critter Guard Can Help Protect Your Power This Spring

At Critter Guard, our products are designed to help prevent critters from accessing power lines, transformers, or wires in and around your house. Our Line Guard products are installed on overhead lines, composed of two free-spinning wheels that act as the jump barrier and five rollers spinning independently on the line to block the animal’s path. The free-spinning wheels are located at both ends of the assembly.

Our Pole Guard products block the critters from accessing utility poles and some trees. Our products are applicable to both residential and commercial residents.

With the high rate of power outages caused by squirrels and other wildlife, it is essential to purchase high-quality products that prevent them from accessing power lines and transformers. To learn more about how our humane wildlife control products can help protect your home and power this spring, contact us today!