Prevent Birds of Prey from Interfering with Your Business

Birds of prey, such as eagles, hawks, vultures, and falcons, can heavily interfere with your business operations if allowed on or near your business’ property. Keep reading to discover how birds of prey can interfere with your business and how Critter Guard can help.

1. Physical Damage

Due to their typically larger size, birds of prey can easily shift and dislodge roof tiles when roosting or nesting on your building’s roof. In addition, if able to gain access inside your building, birds of prey can damage the insulation. Such damages can lead to costly repairs and even an increase in utility bills.

2. Fouling

Birds of prey can also be a menace to your business and the surrounding area due to unwanted bird droppings, placing your employees, customers, and property at risk. Fouled pavements are risky due to the high chances of slipping and falling. Bird droppings can also spoil raw or finished goods and can also greatly contribute to the rotting and corrosion of building equipment.

3. Spread of Insects and Other Pests

Birds of prey often carry other insects and pests such as fleas, lice, ticks, and mites. Birds of prey roosting or nesting around or in your business can therefore lead to the spread of insects throughout your building, which can lead to serious infestation issues.

4. Aggressive Bird Behavior

When nesting and protecting their young, birds of prey can exhibit aggressive behavior to those who come near their nesting area. If their nesting area happens to be on or near your business’ property, this behavior can cause serious problems and can even endanger your employees and customers.

Deter Birds of Prey with BirdBloc

At Critter Guard, our BirdBloc product is designed to help protect businesses, utilities, and homeowners from bird-related issues. Taking advantage of birds’ developed sense of smell, BirdBloc effectively and humanely deters birds from roosting or nesting near the area in which BirdBloc is deployed.

To learn more about our BirdBloc product and how it can help prevent birds of prey from interfering with your business, contact us today!