power lines with critter guard products

Curiosity killed the cat. Unfortunately, it kills the squirrel too when it makes contact with high voltage conductors inside a substation. That is usually what happens after it climbs up power lines and makes its way inside. Often, that is the cause of a power outage in people’s home.

Squirrels might be attracted to the warmth of electrical substations or the vibration of the equipment; nobody knows for sure. But the fact remains, they are curious little critters, and unless you do something to prevent it, they will eventually make their way inside. Fences are of little help, because squirrels climb poles and traverse power lines. It doesn't seem to matter whether there are trees or vegetation in the area. Once inside, they wreak havoc, causing power outages, which translates to thousands of dollars in damages to a power company, usually at the worst possible time.

Wildlife damage is a major cause of momentary outages to substations. Other animals such as raccoons, raptors, and rats can cause damage too, but squirrels account for most animal-caused power outages.

Since barriers and fences are only partially successful in stopping ground access, the key is to prevent critters from crawling across overhead conductors and lines, their highways to the substations. Critter Guard’s two devices help keep critters out of substations.

  • Line Guard keeps squirrels off power lines and out at points of entry.
  • Pole Guard keeps them off utility poles and away from overhead switches and transformers.

Critter Guard components are made with utility grade materials, including UV protection, so they last for years, even in brutal conditions. The roller mechanisms make it impossible for squirrels to stay on the line. Whether you are an Investor Owned utility, a rural coop, or a municipal utility, Critter Guard is your solution to animal-based outages. Contact us to learn more about how our guards can help you.