Prevent These Common Summer Pests from Invading Your Home

Without proper prevention and protection methods, your home is likely to experience a sudden increase in pest infestation as well as damage caused by these destructive animals and insects during the summer season. Trying to tackle the issue once it has occurred can be costly, and some pests can be dangerous and carry disease, resulting in associated health hazards if not properly handled.

In order to save yourself a headache and avoid costly repairs this summer, it is best to put prevention methods in place to keep pests away from your home altogether. Keep reading to discover common summer pests and learn how Critter Guard can help keep them away from your home!


During the summer, raccoon activity is often at an all-time high, as the young have passed their weaning stage and are ready to fend for themselves. Due to food scarcity during the summer and high temperatures intensifying food and garbage smells, raccoons are frequently drawn to your home. In return, this activity can result in fallen trash bins, scraps of garbage spread throughout your lawn and street, and even damage to your roof and electrical systems.

Mice, Rats, and Squirrels

Rodents are among the most destructive pests active all year round. During the summer, squirrels, mice, and rats tend to move around and explore more areas to find food, water, and escape the heat. Unfortunately, your home is a great place for these critters to cool down. Most species of mice and rats will nest inside walls and furniture and can often carry diseases. Once rodents infest your household, they can cause significant damage to electrical wires, insulation, and wooden structures.


Snakes can be a real nuisance during summer. These reptiles appreciate cool and light environments, including early mornings and evenings of the summer, and dislike increasing temperatures. In order to escape the scorching mid-day heat, snakes frequently invade homes and gardens. In addition, snakes will follow their food source (rodents and birds) onto electrical systems and into homes, causing damage to your home and even power outages.

How Critter Guard Can Help

At Critter Guard, we understand how destructive pests can be, especially during summer, when most of these critters become more active. Our Line Guard and Pole Guard products are designed to block these critters’ access to power lines, utility poles, and other electrical systems, preventing them from climbing their way onto your roof and entering your home. To learn more about how our products can help keep your home and power protected this summer, contact us today!