monkey traveling across power line

All over the world, countries and communities are starting to realize what a large problem wildlife poses to power lines and vice versa. There are many different types of animals that are adversely affected by unprotected power lines. Given their climbing nature, monkeys and squirrels often find themselves the victims of this daunting dilemma. Smaller birds and birds of prey, such as raptors, are also suffering as a result of resting on unprotected power lines. Fortunately, our humane wildlife control products at Critter Guard can help prevent future electrocutions.

Wildlife Access to Power Lines: A Growing Problem

Unfortunately, animals and wildlife are being exposed to power lines due to human actions. Business agendas and construction plans are often the catalysts behind the placements of power lines. Though there are official policies and regulations in place, many animals are still being exposed to unprotected power lines and their dangers.

Why Preventing Wildlife Electrocutions is Important

Even when precautions are put in place, studies and data have shown that habitat, demography, and wildlife population are still affected even when direct proximity isn't necessarily the case. With the growth of our electrical infrastructure posing a threat to wildlife population, such as the howler monkey population, as well as animal interference causing sometimes dangerous power outages, it’s essential to put systems in place to help prevent wildlife electrocutions.

How Critter Guard Can Help

Sometimes there is no getting around a need or requirement for energy and power, but fortunately, there are precautions that can be put in place. At Critter Guard, we understand the seriousness of this issue as well as the financial stress that can often come with it. With our humane wildlife control products, homeowners, business owners, and utility companies are able to take the necessary actions to ensure the safety of animals and their electrical supply.

Our Line Guard and Pole Guard products are designed to help deter squirrels, monkeys, birds, and other animals from accessing power lines and utility poles, keeping the animal safe and your power running. To learn more about our products and how they can help prevent wildlife electrocutions, contact us today!