power lines leading to front of home

There are two times during the year when critters are likely to find a way into your home, get comfortable, and claim a part of it as their own; Fall when the weather gets cool and Spring when it gets warm again as they pop out of hiding from the cold season. Once squirrels and critters are inside your home and hunkered down for the winter, they can reproduce like crazy. Preventing access to your home is the best defense against a full out infestation.

  • Do a visual survey around your property. Even a hole in the foundation or home itself as small as a dime can be a potential welcome mat for rodents. Seal all holes with caulk or foam and screen any vents.
  • Seal everything that you can. Make sure all windows are sealed and properly closed. Make sure all drain pipes are properly sealed to avoid any critters coming in through your sink or tub drains.
  • Don't let junk or debris build up around your yard. Old cars and furniture should be taken away for proper disposal.
  • Make sure any plants are not right up against the house. This can create a good cover for creatures to stake out a door that is used frequently.

Critters will swiftly move around and use utility lines and poles as direct highways to get to these access points. Critter Guard has developed our Line Guard and Pole Guard systems to block off these entries to areas of your home. Rodents in the house are not fun and can even be dangerous. Make sure you have taken preventative measures to keep them from coming into your home this season. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our guards as easy solutions to preventing critter access to these surprisingly traversable utilities and to your home.