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Did you know that Lyme disease may be hiding in your home on the backs of squirrels, mice, and rodents? Ticks that carry this debilitating and complex disease can live and feed on animals. Deer and larger animals are often blamed for carrying Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses, but squirrels and other critters live in and around tick-infested forests too and are also prime carriers. The rodents host ticks, fleas, and mites with many types of bacteria and germs that cause different diseases and infections in small and large mammals, including humans.

It is a major problem for you when these rodents bring ticks out of wooded areas to your neighborhoods. The critters will find ways to get into houses and buildings from electrical lines and poles, and you risk contracting the debilitating disease. Keep squirrels and small animals out with Line Guard and Pole Guard by blocking their means of getting into your home or building.

Lyme disease has spread quite greatly and is a very common disease. Treating Lyme disease is a long-term process that involves seeing a doctor, medical treatment, taking antibiotics, and rough times ahead. The best solution is prevention and avoiding the disease. Protecting your home or business from disease carrying ticks that travel and feed on rodents, rabbits, and squirrels makes sense. Homes, warehouses, buildings, and businesses are at risk if rodents bring ticks inside. By preventing rodents from intrusion, you not only protect people but also help stop the spread of Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses.

Treating Lyme disease is difficult, but treating a building and utility equipment to prevent rodents and ticks carrying illnesses is simple. Critter Guard is dedicated to keeping your home and business safe and rodent-free. For more information on how to handle your home or business for critter and tick control, contact us today.