Protect Your Home from Active Autumn Critters

Autumn is here, and as the season changes so too do the critters that try to take up residency at your cozy home. With colder weather, a large portion of wildlife is looking for the perfect combination of warmth, food, and a dry place to call home for the season. Keep reading to discover a few pests you may run into this autumn and how you can safely and efficiently prevent them from claiming your attic space or any part of your home as their new residence.

Active Autumn Critters

While birds and insects migrate to warmer areas during the colder months, there are several other critters that remain highly active during the fall season. Wildlife like squirrels, rats, opossums, raccoons, and skunks will likely seek shelter in your home due to natural resources becoming scarce as the weather changes. In fact, as fields are plowed and temperatures drop, you may see more mice and rats taking shelter in your home.

These critters may carry bacteria, rabies, or other diseases, which is only a small part of why it is important to prevent them from taking up residency. At the end of the day, these critters can be real pests and cause a lot of frustration if allowed to become permanent tenants.

Humane Wildlife Prevention Products

At Critter Guard, we understand that removing wildlife from your home is not the easiest task, which is why we offer humane wildlife control products to prevent them from entering your home altogether.

Our Line Guard and Pole Guard solutions are designed to prevent pests from accessing your roof and entering your attic and home, while simultaneously helping to reduce the likelihood of animal-caused power outages. Rather than hiring pest control professionals to come out and capture rodents or relying on chemicals that aren't safe for you, your family, or your pets, our products provide you with preventative measures so that you and the wildlife in your area stay safe this autumn season.

To learn more about our humane wildlife control products and how they can keep critters out of your home this autumn, contact us today!