possum in tree

Opossums appear to be harmless. These nocturnal animals waddle around from place to place looking for insects, snails, and berries to eat. A mother opossum will carry a whole litter around on her back trying desperately to keep her little ones safe. They are very agile, solitary animals and world-class tree climbers.

Opossums seek shelter in dark places like hollow trees, abandoned animal burrows, and unfortunately, the attics of homes. Once they find a way into your attic, they can easily wreak havoc by burrowing into insulation and chewing through wiring. The result is power outages and expensive repairs. Fortunately, Critter Guard has a solution. Our humane wildlife control products are designed to keep critters away from electric power and communication lines and equipment.

Line Guard

A prime method for opossums to gain access to your home is by scaling power lines. Critter Guard's Line Guard is designed to keep this from happening. The Line Guard is a heavy-duty polypropylene component that is installed onto the power line. Five 12" rollers with wheel-shaped jump-barriers on either end rotate independently when a critter comes in contact. Animals will try to crawl over the wheel and as soon as they do, they spin off the rollers. The entire assembly is five feet in length.

Pole Guard

Poles present wildlife with another mode of entry to your home and attic. The Pole Guard is a circular resin plate fitted with seven polypropylene rollers around the perimeter. It is engineered to fit a 10 to 12-inch diameter pole or tree and offers 360-degree impassable protection from opossums and other small animals. Mounting hardware is available for wood, steel, concrete, and fiberglass poles.

Double Protection

By combining the Line Guard with the Pole Guard, you get double protection for your home from opossums and other critters. Both are constructed of UV protected, high-quality material that is resistant to environmental stress cracking. To learn more about our products and how they can protect your home from opossums and other wildlife, contact us at Critter Guard today.