possum kept off of roof with critter guard's products

Australian possums and North American opossums are often confused with one other, but they are completely different animals. Over 30 different species of possums call Australia home, with the two most common being the Brushtail and the Ringtail.

Possums are tree-dwelling, nocturnal animals, so it's possible that they live near your home without you ever seeing them. The problem with possums is that they often travel along power lines, causing outages and damage to expensive equipment and even your roof. Fortunately, our humane wildlife control products are designed to keep possums and other critters off of electrical equipment and away from your home.

Possums Can Be a Headache for Property Owners

According to the Wildlife Act 1975, it is illegal to harass or interfere with possums. When it comes to these furry rodents, most Australians have little recourse. In some areas you can humanely trap and release possums, but you can't relocate them. That means that you can move them from one spot to another on the same property, but that's hardly a permanent solution. In some areas, euthanization by a vet may be an option, but it is the responsibility of the property owner to arrange for this and pay the expense.

Critter Guard Protects Possums and Your Property

To prevent possums from accessing your home and damaging electrical equipment without harming these animals, consider these preventative measures.

  • Trim trees so that branches are away from your house and electrical lines
  • Place possum nest boxes in your yard so that they have a safe place to live
  • Install Critter Guard’s Pole Guard and Line Guard systems

At Critter Guard, we strive to help you keep your home and the power in your area protected. Available internationally, our wildlife controls products are simple yet extremely effective in preventing possum and other critter damage. To learn more about our products, contact us today!