Protect Your Home from These Common Spring Pests

With spring comes warmer weather, new life, and more time spent outside. However, spring also brings the emergence of pests and pesky wildlife. These pests can bring discomfort to you and your home, as well as damage to your property. Therefore, setting proper pest control and prevention methods in place is imperative. Discover these common pests you’re likely to see during the spring season and how Critter Guard can help keep them away from your home.

1. Nesting Birds

With spring comes the return of migrating birds searching for a place to nest, lay eggs, and raise their young. Birds often seek refuge in/near homes where they can nest comfortably. Some birds will nest under the sun while others hide in cracks, holes, vents, patio covers, rain gutters, nooks, and light fixtures. While they may not seem like a nuisance at first, birds can wreak havoc on your roof, solar panels, and other electrical equipment. The best way to prevent birds from becoming a problem is to install bird deterrents before they infest your home.

2. Squirrels

While squirrels can certainly look cute and innocent, they can actually cause a multitude of issues for your home or property. They can chew through wood siding and shingles, affecting the integrity of your home, as well as damage important electrical equipment. During the spring, these active critters can become even more of a pest as they mate and start to store food. To help prevent squirrels from accessing your attic and electrical equipment during the spring season, try implementing Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard products.

3. Snakes

With the arrival of spring comes the emergence of hibernating snakes. To get started laying their eggs, snakes will often look for a safe place to nest, such as wood piles, under porches, and even in your attic. To keep snakes from making themselves comfortable in your home, proper prevention is key.

Contact Critter Guard for Effective Pest Control Solutions

Keep pest away from your property this spring season with Critter Guard! Utilizing our humane pest control products will help you prevent squirrels and other pests from infesting your home and damaging important electrical equipment near you. To learn more about our BirdBloc, Line Guard, and Pole Guard products, contact us today!