Protect Your Power Lines and Preserve Wildlife with Critter Guard

squirrel prevented from access power lines due to critter guard

Animals like squirrels and other rodents, birds, snakes, monkeys, and more often traverse power lines and other electrical systems, oftentimes causing power outages and even their own demise. In order to protect power in your area, as well as preserve the wildlife, certain preventative measures should be taken.

Fortunately, we at Critter Guard have designed humane Line Guard and Pole Guard products to help protect power lines and other electrical systems from squirrels and other animals, as well as prevent wildlife electrocutions. These systems can be used on all power lines, utility poles, and even some trees. With these systems in place, both commercial and residential buildings are protected from power outages and rodent infestations in attics and utility companies throughout the world are better able to protect their power systems.

Humane Wildlife Control

With our Line Guard and Pole Guard products, squirrels and other wildlife are not injured. Critters are discouraged from climbing across electrical systems, preventing the occurrence of power outages and animal electrocutions. Although squirrels and rats are the most common rodents in North America, our wildlife control systems are also used in other countries to help protect monkeys, sloths, possums, and other critters who often travel across power lines.

Line Guard

Our Line Guard products prevent squirrels from crawling across power lines near the terminal ends close to transformers, switches, or buildings. These systems use two free-spinning wheels that act as jump guards at each end of an assembly on power lines. In addition, five 12-inch rollers spin independently along the lines on either side of the power pole assembly. The wheel and rollers can also be placed on power lines next to the connection to a building. Squirrels and other critters are not able run along the spinning rollers.

Pole Guard

Our Pole Guard products protect the wood and metal utility poles from squirrels and other climbing animals. These systems are specially formulated plates designed for 10 to 12-inch diameter poles or trees. These plates support seven rollers which prevent wildlife from gaining access to transformers, power lines, and roofs of commercial and residential buildings.

To learn more about how to prevent power outages and preserve wildlife, or for more information about our Line Guard and Pole Guard products, contact us today!