Protect Your Power Lines from Flocking Behavior

Most bird species fly in groups known as flocks. Their flocking behavior has several benefits, including protection, mating, and more-hands-on-deck foraging. Some bird species live in flocks permanently, while others congregate for events such as migration and breeding seasons. Common birds that flock in various patterns include: pelicans, waterfowl, starlings, robins, cranes, pigeons, blackbirds, shorebirds, thrushes, wrens, songbirds, and sparrows.

Why Do Flocks Gather on Power Lines?

As they flock, birds tend to perch on power lines in species-specific groups, which begs the question: What attracts birds to human-strung wires even with the presence of natural perches like trees? The reasons include:

  • To get an eye view of their prey, which is clear from foliage
  • To gather together before taking off to warmer climates – especially in early fall or late summer
  • To stay safe from predators that often cannot reach that high
  • To sleep, rest, or preen – especially in cities where there are few perching surfaces
  • The lines are easier to grasp and sit on

How Flocking Behavior Can Lead to Power Outages

Unfortunately, birds’ flocking behavior can lead to power outages when:

  • Too many or heavy birds weigh down power lines, causing one line to touch another
  • Accumulated bird droppings contaminate insulator flashovers
  • Large birds collide with conductors and overhead structures
  • Birds take off, causing shortages
  • Birds build nests in the structures and gaps in substations, leading to power outages through: birds dropping their nesting materials on conductors, birds contacting live conductors in their flight to and from the nest, and birds attracting large predators or bringing large prey into the nests – which could weigh down the power lines.

How Critter Guard Can Help

To prevent power outages, call for power protection systems to ensure operational continuity in your home or business premises.

At Critter Guard, our Line Guard and Pole Guard products are designed to protect power lines, utility poles, and other electrical systems from damage caused by birds, squirrels, and several other critters. To learn more about our humane wildlife control products and how they can keep the power in your area protected, contact us today!