house undamaged from critters

Spring brings new beginnings and new life each year. While the spring season tends to bring rejuvenation, it can also bring some unwanted stress and headaches. One of these potential headaches is damage to overhead power lines. The spring season is known for bringing about more power outages due to both weather and wildlife. From powerful spring storms to newborn squirrels and other wildlife, your power lines can take a real beating during the spring months.

Squirrels and other sneaky little rodents are actually the culprits behind an impressive number of electrical issues and outages each year. However, they are not the only culprits behind these outages. Birds, raccoons, and snakes have also been known to cause a fair share of electrical outages as well. Don't let yourself fall victim to their antics! There are ways to prevent this damage and save yourself some unwanted headaches this spring season.

The Power of Critter Guard

The best way to prevent unnecessary and unwanted power outages this spring is to invest in Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard products. The Line Guard product is designed to protect power lines from squirrels and other small critters. Overall, the product is designed to humanely deter squirrels, birds, raccoons, and even snakes from crawling on power lines and transformers.

The Pole Guard is designed to fit around utility poles and even some trees to help discourage squirrels and other critters from climbing up poles and trees and making their way onto power lines or your roof.

As Critter Guard products can genuinely protect your power lines against wildlife, an investment in Line Guard and Pole Guard will be sure to keep your power lines and transformers protected this spring season.

To learn more about protecting the electrical systems in your area, contact us at Critter Guard today!