power equipment

Damage to electrical equipment caused by squirrels is expensive. Preventing squirrels from accessing transformers, substations and pole mounted switches can reduce the amount of money being spent on having equipment repaired and replaced. 

What is Line Guard and How Does It Work?

An innovative solution in the fight to keep squirrels away, the Line Guard system prevents incoming invaders from using high overhead lines as a bridge to access expensive equipment. Line Guard prevents power outages and reduces damage to transformers, substations, pole mounted switches and other equipment that is easily accessible by these overhead lines.

Line Guard is a pest control system designed to be installed on existing electrical lines. The Jump Barrier is a disk that blocks squirrels from easing forward across the spinners.  Since the Jump Barrier snaps onto the first Spinner in the set, as a squirrel tries to climb the Jump Barrier, his own weight pulls him upside down, and he’s forced to retreat back on the line.  His next choice, if he’s crazy enough, is to jump the Barrier which results in him landing on the Spinners.  By forcing them to jump, the Jump Barrier greatly increases the effectiveness of the Line Spinners.

Five 12” rollers, called Line Spinners, are the heart of the line guard system. These spinners snap into place on the line between the Jump Barriers. Line Guard spinners are made of smooth, molded plastic and rotate freely on the line whenever pressure is applied.  Made of hard, durable polypropylene, the squirrel cannot get his claws in them.  This means invading squirrels are forced off the line when they land, keeping them well away from equipment.

Why Choose Line Guard Over Other Products

Line Guard is a low-cost alternative to traditional methods of rodent-proofing utility equipment and lines. It is easy to install and maintenance-free. Because Line Guard is molded from heavy-duty polypropylene, it is weather and UV resistant and has an estimated lifespan of 20 years. This makes Line Guard an ideal choice for long-term protection.

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