squirrel prevented from climbing on utility poles and power lines

Every day, we see squirrels scurry up trees, leap from branch to branch, and scamper across power lines. It is natural that the squirrels would want to climb power poles and lines; after all, they live in trees. Since 90% of power lines are not insulated, this is a gamble indeed, and unsuspecting squirrels may realize too late that the lines are not necessarily a safe bridge from point A to point B.

With appropriate deterrents, like Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard, squirrels can be discouraged from climbing poles and running across dangerous power lines, a solution that is equally advantageous for both the squirrels and the power authorities.

A Dangerous Gambit

Although they can sometimes traverse the wires safely, squirrels often reach from a power wire to touch another object, such as a transformer, and become a conduit, resulting in power disruption and the unfortunate demise of the squirrel.

Sometimes the squirrel does not fall to the ground when it is electrocuted and remains hanging from the wire until the appropriate authorities can coordinate its removal. It is surprising how difficult and expensive it can be to clear the wires of a poor squirrel's remains. In Syracuse, NY, an electrocuted squirrel was left dangling from a power line for two weeks before it was removed.

In addition to the untimely death of the squirrel, the animal's demise on electrical wires can cause interruptions in electrical service and greater damage to electrical wires, transformers, and transfer stations.

Humane Damage Prevention

It seems clear that the best way to avoid harm to both animals and electrical grids is to keep animals off the wires altogether. The key is to make the power lines unattractive or uncomfortable for the squirrel and other climbing critters, so that they aren't tempted to use power poles and electrical lines as a thoroughfare.

Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard systems are an excellent way to humanely deter squirrels from climbing poles to reach dangerous power lines. Contact us today to help protect squirrels and other wildlife from live power lines and prevent outages in your area.