Protecting the Endangered Gibbon Species with Critter Guard

Gibbons are small apes that belong to the Hylobatidae family. They are mainly found in the tropical forests of Asia. Gibbons hold the title of the best tree travelers in the rainforest. With great agility and swiftness, they swing from one tree to the next. They rarely walk on the ground, but when they do, they support their long arms in the air for balance.

Gibbons are social animals. They are very protective of their territory. One unique trait of these animals is that they are singers. They have powerful voices that travel for kilometers through the rainforest of Asia.

Conservation Status

Due to increased degradation and loss of habitat over the years, gibbons are considered a critically endangered species. Less than 30 Hainan crested gibbons are left in the world. They form the most endangered species on the globe.


Gibbons face an increased threat, both from the rapid loss of their natural habitat and from being hunted down as a source of traditional medicine. Human activities such as deforestation through logging, urbanization, and intentional fires destroy their habitat. Other threats posed by humans are hunting and illegal trade.

Unshielded power lines also pose a significant threat of electrocution to the animals. In one incident, a gibbon died of electrocution in North Sumatra as it was attempting to cross a river by traveling across power lines.

Protect Gibbons from Unshielded Power Lines with Critter Guard

At Critter Guard, we strive to better protect wildlife and power throughout the world. Designed to prevent critters such as gibbons from accessing dangerous electrical equipment, our Line Guard and Pole Guard products serve as an excellent humane wildlife control solution.

The Pole Guard introduces a barrier that prevents wildlife from climbing up utility poles, while the Line Guard deters gibbons and other critters from running or climbing across unshielded power lines and accessing critical equipment. This is a win-win situation as the community is protected from power outages, power companies save on repair costs, and animals are kept safe from electrocution, thus protecting endangered species like the gibbon.

To learn more about how our humane products can help protect the endangered gibbon species and preserve power around the world, contact us today!