transmission and distribution power lines intercrossing

There are many components that go into creating a functional electrical grid. Generators, substations, and power lines all contribute in different ways in order to keep the lights on and our appliances running. Transmission and distribution power lines are two important parts of our electrical system and protecting these lines from damage is crucial to our daily lives.

Transmission Lines

Transmission lines and distribution lines are utilized at separate stages of the energy process. Once energy has been generated, it first has to be divided between local substations that are connected to the electrical grid. While the electricity is at a high voltage, transmission lines are used in order to minimize the potential loss of power while it travels between substation transformers.

Distribution Lines

However, before that electricity can be transferred into any homes or businesses to provide power, its voltage has to be lessened by distribution substations. This is where distribution lines come to the fore. Distribution lines are lower voltage lines that move the power between those substations so that the electricity is in a usable state.

Protecting Power with Critter Guard

Both transmission and distribution power lines have an incredibly important job in helping modern society flow as intended and protecting these lines from damage is a daily importance. At Critter Guard, we’ve created products to help prevent damage to power lines caused by squirrels and other wildlife, one of the main dangers to our power systems.

Our Line Guard and Pole Guard systems are tools that are guaranteed to mitigate the potential damage caused by animals and keep key electrical infrastructure running smoothly. The Line Guard employs two main features to get the job done. First, are the twelve-inch jump barriers on each side of the assembly that go into motion whenever any critter gets on top, throwing them off balance and away from important equipment. Second, are the five line rollers that independently rotate around the line, making it impossible for squirrels or rats to even think about walking over valuable cables.

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