electrical substation at dawn

A local electrical system is extremely important, for it helps to ensure all members of a community have access to power throughout the day. While electricity helps to provide us with plenty of comfort in our daily lives, it is also extremely valuable and necessary for medical services and proper emergency response. One of the most important components of any public electrical system is the transformer. A transformer typically sits at the top of a power pole and is typically responsible for stepping the high voltages used for transmission down to the lower voltages used by homes and businesses.  Keeping the transformer safe and operational is critical. While most transformers are very reliable, one of the biggest hazards they all face is the risk of being damaged by squirrels and other animals. Fortunately, it is possible to protect an electrical system from critters with our various systems.

Pole Guard

One of the best products that can be used to protect an electrical system from critters is Pole Guard. It will sit high on an electrical pole and will prevent critters from accessing the transformer or other equipment mounted at the top of the pole. The guard is supported by zinc-coated nails providing years of reliability in all weather conditions. The Pole Guard assembly includes a rigid plate and 7 different rollers that surrounds the pole, making it impossible for a critter to crawl over or chew through.

Line Guard

If a critter can climb and access a utility pole, it can quickly maneuver the electrical system by running across electrical lines. However, you can prevent this with our Line Guard products. The Line Guard incorporates several line spinners, making it challenging for a squirrel to traverse the utility lines. The Line Guard’s jump barrier, which has a diameter of more than 12 inches, can prevent a squirrel from jumping across the line.

If you have had issues with squirrels, rodents, raptors, and more accessing your power lines or electrical system in the past, contact us to learn more about our Pole Guard and Line Guard products to keep them at bay. Your transformers will last longer, and you will have a good sense of security, knowing the electrical systems are protected from meddling critters.