Raccoon Invasion: Don't Let These Crafty Critters Sneak Into Your Home

Raccoon Invasion: Don't Let These Crafty Critters Sneak Into Your Home

Raccoons are clever and persistent animals. They might look cute with their little bandit masks, but they are notorious home invaders. Keep reading to become aware of the main entry points for raccoons into your home and how you can keep these critters out.

Common Raccoon Entry Points

Dormer and Gable Vents

These vents often have flimsy screens. A determined raccoon will persistently wear away the screens until they gain entry to your home. They can pry them loose or even chew their way through. This gives them a perfect entrance spot into your attic.

Soffits and Eaves

The spaces between your roof and exterior walls (soffits) and the overhanging edges of your roof (eaves) also provide perfect entry points for rodents. They will squeeze through small gaps and chew through soffit panels to make their way to your attic.

Attic Vents

Attic vents are strategically positioned for ventilation. However, they can also become entry points for nasty rodents and critters into your home. As clever as raccoons are, they will persistently damage vent covers and gain an entry point.


While raccoon entry through chimneys is less common, it is possible. Raccoons seeking shelter may climb down your chimney into your home. They can squeeze through openings around the chimney flashing.

Contact Critter Guard Today

The consequences of a raccoon invasion can be messy and expensive. They can damage insulation, chew electrical wires, and leave behind unpleasant odors. The key to protecting your home is preventing them from accessing it in the first place.

Here's where Critter Guard's wildlife control products come in! We offer a variety of effective solutions to deter raccoons from accessing your home via nearby power lines, utility poles, and trees.

Contact us now to learn more about how we can help. Don't wait until you hear strange noises in the attic—take action right away!