squirrel jumping on handrail

Spring is coming. Peak mating season for squirrels draws near as winter weather and mammal hibernation come to an end. With more squirrels soon running amok, the more chances they can cause damage to your roof and home from traversing electric power utility lines and poles. Protect yourself from these critters with Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard. As squirrels continue to multiply, you’ll know your home and equipment have the proper safety measures to keep critters at bay.

The female squirrel is "receptive" for a very brief period in spring. Her scent can attract many male squirrels from blocks away. The mating period doesn't last a long time, and the female becomes pregnant almost immediately. Due to the quick and efficient nature of, well, nature, it affects us all greatly. Each litter of squirrels can comprise of eight baby squirrels. Even if there is only a small handful of female squirrels on a city block, say 8, and they're all carrying 6 mini-squirrels, that would mean there would be 48 more squirrels coming your way. The more squirrels there are, the more they multiply, and the more problems they can cause for you. Squirrels may be cute, but they cause major problems to homes, trees, and power utility lines and poles.

Critter Guard’s easy-to-install guards keep rodents off electrical boxes, wires, and utility poles. Protecting these can easily save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Without access to the electrical equipment to get to your house, squirrel-related damages are dodged, easily saving you even more in potential home repairs. Using our guards is much cheaper than shielding an entire electrical system. Our guards are made of material that is resistant to cracks and other wear, making it durable against the elements and curious animals. 

Be proactive in preventing animals from destroying your property. Contact us today to learn more how superior, affordable protection is readily available from the spring onset of the growing squirrel population.