Smartphone Apps That Come in Handy During Power Outages

Installing Critter Guard's Pole Guard and Line Guard products is one of the best investments that homeowners and utility companies can make to prevent power outages. However, while our products significantly help prevent animal-related power outages, power outages caused by severe weather, human error, and other accidents can still occur. No matter the cause, when a power outage occurs, it’s best to be prepared and equipped with the tools you need. Check out these smartphone apps that can really come in handy during the next power outage in your area.

Storm Tracker Apps

Storm-related power outages are common, especially during the spring and winter seasons. It's hard to figure out when a storm will occur but having a storm tracker app on your smartphone can help you be prepared when a storm hits and the lights go off. Storm tracker apps can also help you know what to expect throughout the storm and how long it’ll last.

Flashlight Apps

There are several flashlight apps for different smartphone models. Most utilize your phone camera's flashlights and help you find your way in the dark. Some come with handy features that can be helpful during outages, such as built-in SOS transmitters and compass readings.

News Updates Apps

When a power outage hits, having a news updates app on your phone can be a lifesaver. Many outages result from bad weather and staying updated on the latest news will help minimize the tension and uncertainty that accompanies such situations. News updates apps are compatible with virtually every tablet and smartphone, making them a must-have.

Network Booster Apps

The last thing you want to experience during a power outage is poor network connection, as a good network connection will help you stay updated with friends, family, and the news. However, a poor network connection will be inevitable if the outage has also affected the radio masts and boosters in your area. A network booster app ensures you stay connected, even when there's low signal.

How Critter Guard Can Help

Although the aforementioned apps and accessories make things more bearable during power outages, it's best to safeguard your power lines to prevent outages in the first place. Our Line Guard and Pole Guard products are designed to protect your power lines and other electrical equipment by deterring rodents, snakes, squirrels, and other critters that can cause damage. To learn more about how to mitigate the damage and cost of animal-related power outages, contact us today!