Solar Panel Fires: What You Need to Know

There are many benefits to solar panels, including energy efficiency and the fact that they are low maintenance. However, as with all power sources, solar panels do carry some risks. While the risk of solar panel fires is considerably low, there are a few factors that may increase the chances of a fire. Keep reading to discover a few of these factors, as well as ways to reduce these risks.

Improper Installation

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, correct installation is key to reducing solar panel fire risks. While rare, there is a possibility that design flaws, component defects, or faulty installation can cause a rooftop fire. This is due to arcs occurring between conductors or the ground, or problems that cause hot spots, which can then cause flammable material to ignite. However, ensuring that solar panels are installed by qualified professionals dramatically reduces the risk of fire.

Inclement Weather

Solar homes are not more likely to attract lightning than any other home. However, lightning strikes are still a real possibility. When solar technicians do site surveys and install solar panels, they should ensure proper standard grounding to reduce power surges and fire risks.

Pest Damage

Squirrels, mice, birds, and other pests can chew wires, scratch the surface, build nests, or cause other issues with solar panels. This damage could potentially compromise the wiring or insulation of the solar panel, increasing the risk of a fire. Maintenance and repair costs can add up, but taking preventative measures can reduce the risk of pest damage.

Prevent Solar Panel Damage with Critter Guard

There are many easy ways to reduce the risk of solar panel fires that homeowners can implement. At Critter Guard, our wildlife control products are a humane way to prevent pests from accessing your solar panels and causing damage, thus reducing the already minimal chance of solar panel fires. To learn more about our humane wildlife control solutions, contact us today.