squirrel causing house damage

Despite the trouble they cause, a lot of people still see squirrels as cute, fluffy animals. People even leave food out for squirrels and watch them eat with their cute little paws. On the other hand, others seem to get raging mad, sometimes wielding pellet guns at squirrels who steal from bird feeders or create messes around the house. Whether you think they're cute or a menace, squirrel activity inside your home can be a problem. Squirrels build little nests outside, but eventually, they begin looking for warmer places inside to cozy up, and your attic will seem like a comfy, toasty option.

Maybe you don't think it's a problem to have a cute little squirrel curled up in your attic with its little squirrel babies. Guess again. Squirrels can wreak absolute havoc in your attic. For starters, they will chew up all kinds of things to make that cozy little nest for their babies or in their eternal search for food.

  • They will chew your shake shingles, soffits, fascia board, and any wooden furniture you may have stored up there. That goes for cardboard boxes too.
  • They will pull up, shred, and chew your insulation. This also goes for anything soft and fluffy stored in your attic, like precious stuffed animals that used to belong to your children.
  • I know it seems crazy, but they really will chew almost anything. A wire probably seems like a twig or vine. This is where it can go from messy and destructive to dangerous. Not only will this do damage to the electrical system in your home, it can also lead to fires.
  • Sounds strange, but they do chew it and can leave major holes.

And of course, they also must use the bathroom, and that is going to also be in your attic. The smell is, needless to say, unpleasant.  Did you know your homeowners insurance probably doesn’t cover “critter” damage?

It is warm now, but winter is coming, and squirrels and other critters will be looking for a warmer place to sleep. Above ground utility lines give these critters access to your house, acting as a convenient highway into your home. Contact us to learn more about Critter Guard products, and how Critter Guard can provide protection for your home.