aging power pole

Whether you notice them or not, utility poles are an omnipresent feature in the backdrop of our modern world. Though some say they can be an eyesore on the landscape, it's hard to deny that they play an extremely valuable role in the fabric of our lives. When the power goes down, it becomes crystal clear just how important utility poles really are.

Storms and accidents play a part, but many power outages are caused by small animals. Critters like squirrels, chipmunks, and other rodents will scurry up and around utility poles and power lines, and chew on, claw at, and damage sensitive equipment. For these reasons, we created our Critter Guard systems to take proactive measures to prevent these frequently avoidable blackouts.

Since their invention in the mid-19th century, wooden utility poles were first designed to uphold telegraph lines. Typically made in the United States from the healthy wood of Southern Yellow Pine or Fir Trees, utility poles have since evolved to keep many types of live lines up overhead and out of the way. Now in our Age of Information, they serve to protect power supplies, so we can enjoy all the latest conveniences seamlessly and without much effort. Utility poles protect power lines, phone lines, fiber optics, coaxial cables, and more.

A lot of work goes into the production process of utility poles. After being cut and carefully inspected, wooden poles are chemically treated to cure the wood. This renders it waterproof and resistant to fungus, rot, and insect damage. Wooden poles must withstand a lifespan of 45-60 years, and the newer concrete and ductile iron versions can be in service for 8 decades or more, notwithstanding the unforeseeable events like a car crash.

If a vehicle does collide with a utility pole, sometimes lines can come down. Assess injuries and then take extra caution to prevent further damage from any downed lines, which may or may not give visual cues as to their charge. If you can, call 911 for help from inside the vehicle, which is likely the safest place to stay until help arrives.

Car collisions and storms are common causes of power outages, but many people may not know that small animals are an additional factor. Critter Guard's Line Guard and Pole Guard systems are a humane and foolproof approach to avoiding these types of preventable power outages. For more information on preserving home, business, and utility company power, contact us today!