Stay Warm This Winter: Don’t Let Critters Damage Your Insulation

Stay Warm This Winter: Don’t Let Critters Damage Your Insulation

With freezing temperatures still underway this winter season, the price of heating your home may be increasing. A great way to combat this increase in price is to properly insulate your home. By properly insulating from the roof down to the foundation, this saves the average homeowner 15% on heating and cooling. However, unwanted pests that find their way into your home can quickly destroy all this work. Fortunately, our humane wildlife control products at Critter Guard can help keep critters out of your home and away from your insulation.

Insulating Your Home

When insulating your home, it’s important to insulate from the ground up. This includes paying special attention to attics, ducts, cathedral ceilings, exterior walls, basements, and crawl spaces. Insulation works by slowing conductive heat flow by providing an effective resistance. This will ensure the work your heating system does isn't lost by quickly flowing out of poorly insulated areas and having to fight with colder temperatures. Insulation installment can be expensive, which makes protecting your insulation from critter damage even more important.

How Animals Get Inside

Animals also want to escape the cold temperatures when winter arrives. Squirrels, raccoons, rats, and mice can find their way into your warm, dry attic and make their nests. They can easily find access to your attic by climbing up utility poles and trees and using power lines to make their way to your home's roof. Once they access the roof, they can quickly chew their way through wood, wires, and your insulation and crawl into small spaces to get into your attic.

Stop Critters at the Source

The most humane and efficient way to stop these critters from wreaking havoc on your insulation is to stop them from getting to your home in the first place. At Critter Guard, we’ve designed our Line Guard and Pole Guard systems with homeowners in mind to keep animals from using utility poles and power lines to climb up to your home's attic.

Our Pole Guard is a circular plate that fits over the parameter of poles or small trees, preventing animals from climbing up and accessing power lines and branches. Our Line Guard is an outdoor-rated plastic component that fits over power lines and prevents easy passage.

To learn more about Critter Guard and how you can use our products to humanely prevent damage to your insulation, contact us today!