Stop These 4 Rodents From Invading Your Home

Rodents often seek shelter indoors, whether it’s to look for food or find a nice, warm place to nest. Unfortunately, once inside, one rodent can turn into a full infestation pretty quickly.

These creatures are quite resourceful and can climb up power lines, utility poles, and nearby trees to get onto your roof. Once on your roof, they can easily chew their way into your attic and home. Fortunately at Critter Guard, our Line Guard and Pole Guard products are protective barriers designed to keep rodents off your electrical systems and away from your roof.

Common Household Rodents

A few common rodents that can find their way into your home include:

1. House Mice

These rodents are small, about 2-3 inches in length. Their colors may vary, but they are easily identified by their pink, pointed muzzle, and high-pitched squeaking sound. They are known to be very athletic and will climb up walls, wires, and pipes.

2. Roof Rats

As the name suggests, roof rats are also great climbers. They use their claws and teeth to make their way into buildings and can fit through a hole no wider than half an inch.

3. Norway Rats

Norway rats are typically 7-10 inches long but can compress their bodies to fit through the tiniest of spaces. Like most rodents, they have teeth that keep growing all the time and will chew on anything to keep them at bay. This is a nightmare for property owners as these rodents can chew on pretty much anything, including plastic, cardboard, insulation, electrical wires, and even the structure of a building.

4. Squirrels

Active throughout most of the year, squirrels can make their way onto to your roof via power lines and nearby trees and easily chew through wood, wires, and insulation to set up camp in your attic.

How Critter Guard Can Help

It's important to prevent these rodents from gaining access to your property to prevent damage to your home and electrical systems.

The best way to curb rodent infestation is to keep them from entering your property in the first place. At Critter Guard, we have created our Line Guard and Pole Guard products to block the path rodents take to access your home or commercial building. Our systems will also protect your electrical infrastructure, thus preventing power outages. To keep rodents away from your home and give you the peace of mind your deserve, contact us today!