Take Preventive Measures Against Power Outages in Commercial Business

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When the power goes out in a business, everything is put on hold: the work stops, the business closes, or everyone sits waiting to resume production and carry-on, which can waste valuable time and resources. Without electricity, there is no power to run airports, open cash registers at retail stores, and operate warehouse machinery. Hospitals and other healthcare businesses depend on electricity for life saving equipment, and police and fire departments rely on power in communication systems.

The best way to avoid a power outage is to be prepared ahead of time, protecting electric lines and utility poles with our Line Guard and Pole Guard, for surprisingly-frequent power outages caused by squirrels and other rodents. For other outages, keep a backup way to produce electricity from a source other than a downed power grid, so you can run your business until the electric grid powers up again. Always plan ahead and have these ready and regularly checked before power fails.

Backup Power

Generators or an alternative power source provide electricity in an emergency. Arm your commercial building with gas generators, which come in many sizes. Alternative energy, like solar power units, keep battery banks charged and ready at standby. Always keep a secondary or even tertiary power source for additional power and redundancy; you don’t want to be left in the dark! Decide which backup power source or secondary energy is best suited for your business. When installing the new system, remember to test it out, so you’re not fumbling and panicking when power really goes down. 

Power Source Maintenance

Power source maintenance catches small issues before growing bigger and causing widespread problems. Sometimes when the power fails, it's not due to area-wide outages from the electric company, but rather from damage to wiring or equipment on the building. Wiring and outdated equipment break occasionally, dropping power certain sections of a building or the whole facility (and only your facility). Repair or replace these components when initial damage is realized. Then protect the wiring and equipment to save unforeseen expenses that result from further damages.

Regularly check the building and make sure all electric equipment is well-protected from damage by squirrels and other hazards. Critter Guard defends your residence, business, and commercial buildings from these natural, scurrying annoyances. Contact us for more information on how our systems restrict rodent access to critical power components to avoid power outages.