utility worker providing maintenance on unprotected power line

When severe winds are forecasted, one of the first things we do is prepare for a potential power outage. This is a relatively rare occurrence, yet it alerts us immediately to a possible state of emergency. What we may not consider is the frequency of power interruptions caused by wildlife.

Each year, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, reptiles, and other wildlife are responsible for thousands of outages that result in millions of dollars of related damage annually. Critter Guard's Line Guard and Pole Guard products offer humane solutions to prevent these power disruptions.

The High Cost Of Power Outages

Losing power is a costly inconvenience for any business or residence, especially power utility companies themselves. When the lights go out, the local power utility is inundated with calls from concerned customers and repair crews must be dispatched to replace damaged parts. This job can be extremely hazardous as the potential risks include electrocution, falling, and strangulation. Critter Guard looks to help reduce the need for power line maintenance and the safety risks that go along with the job.

Line Guard

Critter Guard’s Line Guard blocks squirrels from accessing key entry points to overhead lines. The system prevents them from getting to critical equipment such as substations, transformers and pole mounted switches. Each section begins and ends with a spinning jump barrier wheel. Even if they are successful at jumping over the wheel, they land on a spinning roller and fall off. The costly alternative for a power utility company is to cover up all of the equipment and prepare for the inevitable maintenance.

Pole Guard

Critter Guard’s Pole Guard eliminates the risk of furry critters chewing, damaging or shorting out transformers or switches mounted on poles. The mounting plate extends from the pole, creating a barrier to prevent the animal from climbing higher. Exterior rollers make it impossible to access the top of the plate. The unit is easily removed by linemen when necessary for maintenance procedures. The cost to replace blown components is astronomical. In some circumstances it can be as high as $80,000 for parts and labor.

Reduce The Risk Of Power Outages

Unforeseen power outages caused by wildlife are costly to a power utility company, as well as highly disruptive to its regular schedule and maintenance plan. Critter Guard has solutions. To learn more about how our products can help reduce the risks of power outages, contact us today.