automated substation providing power

Automated power systems are a powerful and increasingly prevalent way to control and manage important power services. These systems are vital to keeping electricity flowing throughout homes and businesses. Any damage done to them could be harmful to day to day life and cost a lot of money for repairs in the process. Critter Guard’s Line Guard and Pole Guard can help protect these systems and prevent outages in your area.

What is an Automated Power System?

An automated power system is a power system that is controlled by automated, coordinated processes run by computers and intelligent electronic devices, also known as IEDs. When implemented correctly, the commands are interchangeable from those initiated by a human operator. Communications is transmitted via the serial ports on the computer, while the automation is usually run by the IEDs.

The ability to monitor, remotely control, and automate aspects of power delivery are massive. Automation improves safety for both employees and the public and lowers costs of equipment thanks to a more efficient use of current facilities and optimized performance of the power system. Using the data concentrator to collect information results in better planning and system design, which leads to higher customer satisfaction as a result of more responsive and reliable service.

Protecting Automated Power Systems with Critter Guard

There are many potential dangers to power systems, but one that sometimes gets overlooked is the damage done by rodents, who are the second leading cause of power outages. Damage done by these critters can have vast repercussions. A great way to protect your power, without harming these animals, is by using Critter Guard's line of products.

At Critter Guard, we make top of the line protective devices for sources of power such as transformers and power lines. Our Line Guard uses two 12-inch wheels to impede animals from crossing overhead lines attached to important equipment and our Pole Guard uses patented polypropylene rollers to guard power services. Once installed, these systems will take care of themselves much like the automated systems that keep our lights on.

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