The Difference between Pest Control and Wildlife Control

Many individuals believe that pest control and wildlife control specialists perform the same tasks and pursue the same objectives. However, there are actually several differences between pest control and wildlife control. The aim of wildlife control is distinct from that of pest control. Keep reading to learn a few more noticeable distinctions between wildlife control and pest control.

Pest Control vs. Wildlife Control

Contrary to wildlife control and removal, pest control does not involve removing rats, mice, or bugs and relocating them. Managing pests entails using pesticides to prevent them from invading or completely exterminating them from your property. Experts will search areas of your property for places where rodents and insects are known to live to eliminate such pests.

Professionals in wildlife control are trained to deal with various wildlife species and to cope with both a nuisance and dangerous wildlife. These might include raccoons, possums, snakes, squirrels, birds, etc. Wildlife control is based on a technique known as "exclusion," which is intended to keep animals away from your property.

Removal is also a part of wildlife control. Specialists are trained to capture these animals using the many tactics they have been taught so that the animal can be relocated. The primary function of wildlife removal is to trap and remove the animal from your property.

While both pest control and wildlife control deal with animal control and management, pest control is oftentimes a more reactive service, while wildlife control is typically more of a preventative service. Pest control typically kills an infestation, whereas wildlife control concentrates on removing animals and preventing them from returning to your property in the future.

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